As per recent changes to Twitter involving depricating the v1.1 API endpoint and raising the cost of the most basic package of Twitter API to $100/month, it will cease to be sustainable to maintain Twitter API use on this website database. This will happen after February 13, 2023, after which there will be a data cliff. However, I intend to implement an alternate version of the Archiver's backend to not use Twitter API. Given the short notice and my busyness, that make take some time, and I will update here, and note the timeframe of the data loss, when that is complete.

Update: Twitter has delayed the launch of their new API again, which fortunately allows me more time to work on the Twitter site scraping code without losing as much data. TwitterDev hasn't yet specified what day that the old API system will stop being offered, but "a few more days" suggests at least two more. The main function of the scraper can probably be completed in about a week, while accounting for deletions can come later.

Welcome to the Archiver, a searchable database library of Tweets from specific online political public figures, who have the ability to influence an audience, but aren't held to account for what they say by the media in the same way a politician might be. The purpose of this database is to supplement that need. Bear in mind that due to downtime or privated accounts, some Tweets may not be available. If you think that someone should be added to the database, submit this form.

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